Meet Your Online Marketing Team

"When all is said and done, we're just a group of people who pride ourselves on getting sh-t done, done well, and done right".

Automation Central - Matt Jull

Matt Jull - Campaign Strategist & Director

Automation Central got its start because Matt had been building sales funnels for his consulting business and his clients started asking him to help them with their online marketing.

A business owner for more than 20 years, he'd had years of experience in direct marketing when he entered the online marketing space in 2007 as General Manager for a privately owned events and marketing company that built an online database with more than 45,000 customers, generating more than $14 million a year in sales.

Keenly focused on results and ROI, Matt brings his experience-driven methods and behind the scenes know-how into the world of our client's businesses, automating their online marketing and growing their sales.

Automation Central - Harriet Jull

Harriet Jull - Office Manager

While Harriet's main role is looking after our office and accounts she's still a very sales and marketing minded professional.

Her desire to see businesses succeed is deep-seated, stemming from the days she worked in her parents business as a young girl.

Later she went on to study Management Accounting at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a Fullbright Scholar where she also took up an opportunity to Intern in the Dept of Education, Washington, USA.

On finishing University, she then worked for a Californian based Accounting Practice before moving to New Zealand where she has worked in a number of organisations servicing clients in the construction industry.

Currently, Harriet is cross-crediting her US degree at New Zealand's Massey University.

Automation Central - Ethan

Ethan William - Marketing Assistant

Ethan came to us fresh out of school with a desire to "learn the ropes"

Having studied marketing and being involved in developing a number of websites he quickly picked up on our client's campaigns and ran them - hard

Ethan has now turned his hand to building campaigns in ONTRAPORT and managing website content for our clients

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NZ's Only Ontraport Certified Consultants

Ontraport Certified Auckland New Zealand

ONTRAPORT! "Arguably the most powerful CRM app we've ever worked with!"

So powerful in fact we've chosen to specialise only in this software platform to organise and automate our client's entire sales process to:


  • Effortlessly nurture your leads into paying customers with automated engagement funnels to create consistent and remarkable client experiences.
  • Quickly and automatically identify your most promising leads so you can easily follow up and ensure you never lose another sale again.
  • Streamline your sales team with automated task prompts and lead routing to increase your overall efficiency and revenue.

With ONTRAPORT we can automate your business' most time consuming, repetitive tasks and streamline all of your businesses processes to increase the output of your team.


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To extend the power and functionality of ONTRAPORT we're able to provide deep integrations with some of the best tech, marketing, accounting, ecommerce and educational software in the world to customise your ONTRAPORT account and sync it flawlessly to other applications

Social & Promotional Tools

Accounting & Scheduling Apps

Landing Pages & Webinar Apps

Gateways & Shopping Carts

Membership & Learning Platforms

Other Integration Apps

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