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What’s Hot In 2018 With SEO

What’s Hot In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation or “Optimization” For Our US Cousins) For Your Website In 2018

It’s well known that Google loves to keep us business owners on our toes, constantly shifting the goalposts and running the game to their own playbook, leaving us second-guessing their next move - or at least that’s how it feels sometimes!

For SEO, 2018 has started out no different - we’re on a new playing field compared to last year.

SEO 2018 Tip #1

Site speed seems to be Google's bugbear right now – especially mobile site speed.

90% of the time, images will be the biggest culprit to a slow loading site.

The fastest and simplest fix to increasing site speed is compressing all your images.

For WordPress sites, you could use a plugin like WP Shush for this.

On other sites, you may have to download all your images, compress them and then reload them.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Not as much work as having to find more customers because your website isn’t ranking on Google anymore – so well worth the effort in my opinion.

SEO 2018 Tip #2

One word – HTTPS!

That’s not even a word right…yup! In geek speak it could be called a word....

It means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is part of the naming protocol of your websites domain name.

The main operative here is the word SECURE.

Google is forcing us to make sure all our websites are SECURE by having something called an SSL Certificate (another geek word meaning Secure Sockets Layer).


Basically, it’s a trust thing…

Google looks at your website and asks, “Is this website secure?”

  1. Yes

Great let’s give a higher search rank

  1. No

We don’t trust this website and don’t want to send our customers there so let’s give it a lower search ranking. Once your website is secure, they’ll even give you a little padlock icon for this, like a badge of honour - lol.

To add an SSL Certificate to your website, making it secure and thereby getting the HTTPS “badge of honour” padlock you’ll need to get in touch with your web hosting service provider (the people you pay a monthly host fee to 😀.)



SEO 2018 Tip #3


New, fresh content.

Let me rephrase that.

Consistently new, fresh content…

Every month, at a minimum you should be posting new content about your products or services.

A favourite way of doing this is posting blogs.

Tell stories about your products, better still, write case studies about your customers using your products or how your service improved your customer's life.

Make it relevant, make it interesting (to your audience, not you).


Google LOVES new content 😀


SEO 2018 Tip #4

Everything else that worked before with SEO, still works now.

Use keywords in your headings, sub-headings and copy.

Use keywords in the naming protocols for images, ALT text, blogs, pages and page URL's.

Use internal links from your home page to inside pages.

Use a natural backlinking strategy ( but beware of un-natural backlinks: i.e. buying 20,000 backlinks from dodgy websites).

Use meta tags for every page. This is like free advertising space to tell people why they should visit your website, it’s crazy how many website pages have the default meta tag instead of a purpose written one.

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