“I don’t understand what a sales funnel is”

We’ve heard this countless times.

Honestly, we reckon that many people struggle with the sales funnel concept and the mental picture of customers passing through a funnel, just adds to the confusion.

Let’s face it, in real life, people don’t enter a funnel-shaped object and wander through ever decreasing walls only to get squished out the other end as a paying customer, do they?

Added to the confusion is a host of names for sales funnels, like sales pipelines, sales process maps, revenue funnels, marketing funnels and more recently, names like microsites and pop-up websites are trendy ways of saying the same thing

Confusing right…

Here’s a simple explanation

Unlike an info-overloaded website, a Sales Funnel has one clear, easy to understand, message about one product or service with a simple call to action.

Why is a single message important?

In the world of online marketing, we’re constantly told to fill our websites with more and more content. This is great for Google rankings but confusing for customers who’re looking for one single answer to whatever question they asked Google. This can be the difference between buying from you or your competition.

A Sales Funnel allows you to give the customer that single piece of information and drip feed them more info, building trust in your brand and “funneling” them towards a purchasing decision.

Ultimately, a Sales Funnel leads to more sales.

Cool huh

Now, couple that with a powerful CRM system that has built-in performance measurements and you can begin to scale your online sales in a way no other generation of businesses has been able to do in history… A system that can

  • Grow your sales
  • Convert new customers
  • Add value to your business
  • Measure ROI on advertising spend
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer
  • Re-Engage old customers
  • Plus heaps more...
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