Targeted Marketing Solution Built by Ontraport Experts

"Is there any way we can target Real Estate Professionals?"

Franchise Group, Red LBP, know their bread and butter comes from Real Estate Professionals who're a powerful source of leads and referrals for them.

They needed a way to market to them directly and GET RESULTS. They had tried a few emails to their database before with hit-n-miss results or "more miss than hit" as they put it.

To get results, the directors felt the campaign needed to be personal, punchy and to the point, but not appear spammy, yet the campaign still needed to be consistent.

Also, because their franchisees contribute to a national marketing fund, they needed a way of tracking both results and the outcomes inside each franchise territory.

The brief

In short, the brief was "Get Us More Leads!"

Ontraport campaign

We'd already set the client up in Ontraport (and they love it) so really, the next step was just about getting the campaign right. After some brainstorming about the typical type of person working in real estate and how to approach them, we settled on building a Punch Campaign.

As Ontraport Experts we specialise in building all sorts of marketing campaigns as well as automation within the campaign, we work with a lot of B2B clients and as a result we tend to recommend and build what we call Nurture Campaigns where we "nurture" a list of prospective customers towards becoming paying customers by consistently sending messages designed to build trust and report.

A punch campaign, however, is the complete opposite, with a punch campaign we directly promote or "punch" the service or product to a list of prospective customers with informal, short and sweet messages that include either a direct or none-direct call to action. Where a nurture campaign relies on consistent regulatory, a punch campaign must appear irregular but still be consistent.

ontraport experts

Dan's territory

Dan, one of Red LBP's inspectors has never been busier, since 2017 he's been doing pre-purchase house inspections and when I called him recently he was in the middle of yet another report because of the punch campaign. In fact, during the call, Dan told me he has appointments for presentations to Realtors booked two months in advance and he's over the moon about it.

Honestly, I'm not surprised, as a Certified Ontraport Expert, I know from experience that when a campaign is built properly, with enough preparation and attention to detail, the results will follow.

Three weeks into the campaign Dan's numbers are...

  • 1036 emails sent.
  • Email opens - 61%.
  • Email replies/enquires - 4.6%.
  • Links clicked - 3.6%.
  • Webpage visits - 3.3% (yes we can track prospects form your database as visitors to your website).
  • 15 sales made (he had a week off in-between).
  • Forward bookings into the next two months
ontraport experts

List engagement and other little tricks

Imagine for a moment, you're a Real Estate Professional who's been receiving punch emails from Dan for the past six months.

You may have opened a few, maybe replied to one or two, you might even have had a meeting with Dan at some point along the way. Then one day, at the request of a buyer you visit Red LBP's website for some information about pre-purchase house inspections.

When you do this, our tracking code will trigger a Task Notice to Dan letting him know that you've visited the website and would he like to send you a personal message?

If Dan click's YES in the task notice, Ontraport will then send you a little email from Dan to see if you'd like some help in the hope that you reply to this email.

Now at this point, when you get this email you'll most likely be thinking to yourself "oh my gosh, I was just on your website" and hit reply with a "yes please" message and hopefully begin the process of booking a property inspection with him.

Pretty cool right? That's the power of Ontraport and working with an Ontraport Expert.

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