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Here's A Few Of Our Favourite Client Case Studies Including Our Very Own "How We Got Started" Story

Giles Carpets - eCommerce Website

"I've Known About You For Years But I Couldn't Find You On Google"

This was my opening line to Alan at Giles Carpets, a well-established local carpet retailer that in my mind had "been around forever" and should've been easy to find.

That's when Angela Giles, who'd been listening in to the conversation, piped in with a pile of frustrations she was having with the existing website.

She felt like she had no control of the site and was always at the mercy of... READ MORE

Biolytix - Leads Funnel

Ever been told there's NO WAY or YOU CAN'T?

There are always the glass-half-empty types out there;  in the case of Biolytix these types were very nearly right... Our mission... To prove them wrong. When we were first engaged in this project, it was, to be fair, a bit of a sick puppy. Some other marketing crowd had attempted to set up a leads-funnel strategy for Biolytix but had in fact just created a very expensive "sieve" that was leaking all over the place. The brief was simple... READ MORE

My Business People - Marketing Funnels

Automation Central wouldn't exist if it wasn't for My Business People.

Here's why.

Back in 2013, Matt & his team at MyBP needed to ramp up their marketing and systemise the business.

While overseas investigating the best online CRM systems in the market, a chance meeting exposed Matt to a powerful, all-in-one system... READ MORE

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