Will marketing online increase my sales turnover? The short answer here is... absolutely!

Check out these statastics:

When you consider 3.4-million New Zealanders use the internet across a week, that’s an enormous number of Kiwis that are looking for something online. They may not be looking for your product or service, but purely that they are online allows you the opportunity to get your brand in front of them using powerful Social Media advertising platforms. While having a business website is a ‘given’ in this day and age, people now actually trust social media content over websites.

While businesses should have a website, they should be using Social Media platforms and Email Marketing to direct people to it, rather than leaving it sitting lifeless. (The bonus here is this increases your Google Ranking too.)

Increase your sales by keeping these stats in mind:

online marketing stats auckland

97% of internet users research online before making a significant purchase.

website content penrose

90% of Kiwis over 15-years use social media (Neilson)

website content penrose

90% of Kiwis are estimated to own Smartphones this year

website marketing stats new zealand

56% of Kiwis access the internet via their mobile phone

website content mt roskill

2-million Kiwis shop online

website content avondale

2.9million Kiwis use Facebook regularly

Facebook itself is the top of the list as far as preferred and successful advertising platforms around the world – and it’s used more in New Zealand and Australia than anywhere else.

With clever Facebook advertising campaigns with relevant content, you have an audience waiting to be targeted online. Campaigns can be targeted to specific locations, age groups, genders and more so it’s certainly not a waste of time or money – you just have to pay for the privilege – and it’s not expensive compared to your ROI.

You want potential customers to think of your brand or product first and foremost when they’re considering purchasing, and using Facebook is a great way to allow them to do this by repeat-advertising.

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