Giles Carpets - ECommerce Website

"I've Known About You For Years But I Couldn't Find You On Google"

This was my opening line to Alan at Giles Carpets, a well-established local carpet retailer that in my mind had "been around forever" and should've been easy to find.

That's when Angela Giles, who'd been listening in to the conversation, piped in with a pile of frustrations she was having with the existing website.

She felt like she had no control of the site and was always at the mercy of a web developer that did as he pleased rather than what she wanted.

Long story short, we agreed to help them out with a brand new eCommerce website.

The brief

  • Easier to load products to
  • Easier for your customers to navigate
  • Encourage inbound phone calls from multiple calls to action
  • Get the phone ringing and contact forms filled out
  • Greater brand awareness which makes follow up and cold calling so much easier

Most importantly, Ange wanted a functional design that she controlled so she was no longer held to ransom, constantly waiting for someone else to make changes for her.

Making it all fit together

From the start, we had a plan, understanding the business and the people in it is critical as is understanding the customers they serve. This formed the starting point for the whole project.

We operate on the philosophy that anyone can design a functional website but not everyone can design a website that customers identify and engage with, then pick up the phone and buy something.

The first thing we noticed (in tiny writing on the website home page) was the statement “Carpet at prices no-one else can beat”.

This humble but mighty statement we believed should be the sole tagline across all of their media platforms!

Add to this, easy navigation across the full range of products, sales items and weekly specials with multiple calls to action and your part way there.

The website also needed to tell a story, to help build confidence and trust. 

Things like the family element, three generations of Giles family members working at the store at one time or another and Ange's granddad Tom Giles, a twice-published poet and supporter of the business which was started by Kevin Giles in 1981. 

Stories such as these can bring a faceless business to life and are a critical part of converting more sales.

The end result

Giles Carpets now have a fully functioning eCommerce website that shows off their product range to its fullest. 

It's easy to use and Ange has had the best training and support along with total control over the content she is no longer at the mercy of someone else's timeline.


Giles Carpet Old Website


Giles Carpet New Website

Next steps

SEO comes next along with Google AdWords but beyond this, some list building strategies and Facebook advertising are also planned as is blogging and email campaigns.

Taking Giles into future will be some well thought out content marketing and retargeting which we will automate while retaining a personal touch.

That phone will never stop ringing once we're done. 

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