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Google Ranking doesn't end once you've built a website - in fact this is where it starts. There are many factors contributing to where your brand sits in organic searches as far as Google Ranking goes.

. Google LOVES fast-loading websites but many web designers overlook the importance of a few key areas that effect the speed that your website loads at, particularly on mobile devices.
Ever looked something up on google using your mobile device, and it took forever to load? There are a number of factors that cause this.

Images that haven't been compressed and optimised can slow your website loading time down dramatically.
Depending on their size, some can take up to 30-seconds to load.

In this day and age people don't have the patience for slow sites to load.

Your images could be losing you a high percentage of online 'visitors' and customers!

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There's no point in loading nice images to your website without naming them before you do so. This allows yet another avenue for potential customers to find your brand online.

Google ranking evaluators penalise sites that don't use effective key-wording on their images and pages.

When you save an image to your files before loading it to your site, it's key to "save as" and give it a relevant title. For example: a florist in Parnell wants to add a new picture of a bouquet to their site. If they "save as" and give it the title "bouquet" this isn't going to help people find their business in Google searches. Saving it as "Parnell florist" or "Auckland florist" is key-wording so when people search for Auckland florists, their website comes up in organic searches.

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Google loves new content!

Adding new images, blogs, vlogs and information to your site regularly is a MUST.

Interesting material that keeps people on your website for good lengths of time is crucial. This dictates to Google web evaluators that you are an authority in your field and your material is relevant to the readers.

Topics don’t even have to be about your products or services! They could be helpful tips (so for the florist for example, “3-ways to increase the life of my bouquet” or “how to grow tulips from seed”. Again, these titles will bring your brand and website up when people google “how to increase the life of my bouquet”.

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Is your website secure?

Does your website begin with http, or https?
In 2017 Google upped the stakes to https. Essentially they and Chrome have clamped down on cheap, non-secured sites so it’s enormously important to purchase an SSL certificate from them to fully secure your site. (SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer). Effectively by purchasing this certificate, it will make your website data secure.

The security of your website is a major factor with Google ranking evaluators and they will penalise you if you aren't secure.

Chrome has started putting warnings in place on websites that aren’t secure. This of course will suggest to potential visitors that they shouldn’t visit your site, causing you to lose visitors. In laymans’ terms, secure sites intentionally rank higher than non-secure sites.

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Is your website mobile-responsive?

While most assume that websites will appear on mobile devices looking exactly the same, this is not correct.

The material on your website may be loaded in different sized and shaped modules with, for example, a vertical row on the right hand side for images or ads.
Converting to mobile, your website will be stacked vertically, with material stacked from left to right from your original website on your PC.

Google is now ranking websites based on how they appear on mobile devices now: so it’s crucial you take steps to ensure they layout is consistent and flows properly.

You'll see to the right, this image shows how our website appears on Desktop or PC. The below image shows how our website appears on mobile devices.

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