We Excell At:

Franchise Lead Generation

Like a 'tap' to your sales pipeline, a mechanism for accelerated growth through funnels and paid traffic.

Creative Storytelling

The connection between you and your future franchisees, positioning them in such a way that they instantly connect with your vision and "see" themselves as part of the big picture.

Sales Pipeline Automation

From booking systems to scheduled SMS messages, automation of your pipeline takes care of follow-up and follow-through to maximize conversions.


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Franchise marketing
Franchise marketing
Franchise marketing
Franchise marketing

We're passionate about helping people get into business through franchising.

1st Business

In June 98, at the age of 26 with a simple business plan in hand Matt Jull set up a Tile Flooring business, that plan consisted of five sentences that went something like this...

  1. Start the business
  2. Grow the business
  3. Employ a GM
  4. Sell the business
  5. And I give myself five years to do it

By June 2003 the plan was complete, he'd started, systemized, marketed, and grown the business with a staff of 14 under the management of a General Manager, the business sale went unconditional... Five years to the month.

Matt says of that business "I'd never run a business before so I treated it like my apprenticeship in business, sucking up every opportunity to learn that I could, I was young and dumb but eager to learn"

1st Franchise

Looking for a new opportunity, he invested in an Australian business consulting franchise and within 3 years was managing multiple licenses with monthly revenues at ten times what the average franchisee earned and ranked in the Top 100 Business Consultants globally (out of 1200+ in the network).

1st, 2nd and 3rd Master Franchise...

In 2007 Matt was headhunted by a Lichtenstein based Franchise System as their New Zealand Business General Manager with one mandate, to set up and roll out a new business offering that included all the existing franchisees and increase the bottom line.

By the end of 2008, the rollout was complete and over a million dollars, directly attributed to Matt's business unit, had been added to HQ's nett profit.

Come the New Year and the GFC had hit in full force so Matt was contemplating his next move when a former client, Mike Booth, invited him for dinner and so, over great food and a couple of good wines, Matt found his next opportunity.

Mike's company, Jet Cleaning whos niche is cleaning and maintaining high street bars and restaurants needed systems and sales - fast.

"We were at the top of the GFC with panicky clients who were cutting costs, Mike was getting ten calls a day to "sharpen" his prices, he didn't have time to roll out his franchise system, so I rolled up my selves and got stuck in. By the end of the year we'd systemized the business and sold 11 franchises - in the middle of the GFC, it was a blast" recalls Matt.

Matt and Mike are still really great mates and Jet Cleaning is now a nation-wide franchise system with a team of 180+ and revenues five times what it was in 2009.

With the job at hand completed, Matt was headhunted again this time by an all-female business who'd attempted to sell Master Franchises before but never quite get it off the ground.

Safe Kids in Daily Supervision or SKiDs for short is an after school care franchise and in 2010 they had around 40 operational franchise sites with a goal to hit 100.

When Dawn Engelbrecht asked him to join the team she wanted to sell Master Franchises within New Zealand as part of her expansion plan, together however they both agreed that the Master Franchise was a test case for international expansion.

"Because head office was effectively operating as a Master Franchise we began marketing the Master before we had the system documented." says Matt.

In year one we had sold three Masters in New Zealand with over 70 operational franchises sold and the system had entered the State of Victoria in Australia.

Now known as Sherpa Kids, the Masters operate in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Singapore and England looking after over 9000 school-aged kids in 265 locations.

Franchise Lead Funnels

More recently Matt has helped another kiwi business spread its wings. A pre-purchase property inspection company, Red LBP was born out of the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011 and with his help, they've developed a really robust system that takes all the marketing and admin pain out of the franchisee's hands so they can get on with making money

2020 and Matt is now running Franchise Lead Funnels for other franchise organizations, "For years I've had a passion for helping people start a business and franchising is the perfect beginning point for so many who've never been in business before so, for this reason, I really love the franchise industry".

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CASE STUDY: How We Helped a Franchise Fill Their Inbox With Top Quality Leads For a Whopping 3277% ROI