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Effective franchise marketing found the right franchisees for RedLBP

Property inspections franchise RedLBP needed licenced building practitioners to sign up as franchisees, but they weren’t having much luck finding them. With the usual scattergun-style marketing plan and brokers who took exorbitant commissions from sales, RedLBP was losing money, and their growth had stalled.

For Victoria from RedLBP, something had to give. She knew there were more effective ways to market, and she turned to Automation Central for help.

Setting up just the right funnel

After a close inspection of RedLBP’s ad spend, sales pipelines and conversion stats – we decided the next best step was to implement an appointment-scheduling funnel. This would drive qualified leads straight through to their sales pipeline – where most of their conversions were happening.

In December 2019, we launched a new Facebook campaign and funnel for RedLBP – and the results speak for themselves.

Skyrocketing ahead of targets

Over the four month campaign RedLBP had 74 enquiries, with 68 holding the right qualifications to enter the sales pipeline. More than a third came through to the final interview, with three of those leads advancing to contract.

That gave RedLBP a $192,000 return on an ad spend of just $4,705 and three highly qualified franchisees. It’s safe to say, the RedLBP team are never going back.

The results
4 Month campaign
74 Enquirers 
CPC $1.51 and CPL $63.58

68 Leads with the required qualifications entered the sales pipeline


24 Leads made it to final interview


6 Leads rapidly advance to the Due Diligence phase resulting in three highly excited new franchisees


$192,000 Return on $4,705 Ad Spend 

New franchisee - Nathan Hylkema

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Vic said this about her franchise lead funnel

The team at Automation Central  have transformed our sales pipeline, where others have failed miserably, they have succeeded with bucket loads of quality leads to interview as prospective franchisees who we ultimately convert the pick of the bunch into brand new franchise business units.

With our full investment recouped in just one sale, the ongoing ROI has been fantastic.

AC's understanding of how prospective franchisees 'think and act' is like having the golden chalice in your hands. Their ability to draw in and hold the attention of the right prospects has made the world of difference to our business – I’m thrilled with the results”

Vic Paltridge, Director RedLBP

Dan & Vic Paltridge - Founding Master Franchisors, Red LBP Franchise System

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Matt Jull knows franchises

Beginning as a franchisee in 2003, within three years Matt Jull owned multiple franchises that earned 10 times the group average.

By 2007 Matt was working as General Manager for RichMastery, putting him at ‘Franchise Master’ level. He later developed the Jet Cleaning and sKids Master franchise systems, selling millions of dollars’ worth of franchise business.

In 2017, Matt founded Automation Central to share the secrets to his success with other B2B companies, by building high-performance lead-generating funnels.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Matt loves helping hard-working people invest in their first franchise ventures. He believes the franchise industry is a good way for people to gain knowledge in business – working and learning alongside experienced experts.

Matt Jull - Founding Director of Automation Central

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The stats stated above are statistics from client results. We are not implying that you will be able to duplicate these results and are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors... including but not limited to your target audience, offer, and sales process. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.