Facebook Advertising

Paid Facebook advertising will dramatically expand your audience and increase turnover!

In our opinion, Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet. Like the Yellow Pages of yesteryear, it’s critical to use quality Facebook Advertising campaigns with your online marketing strategies to drive leads into your business.

96% of social media marketers consider Facebook as the most effective social media advertising platform.

Most businesses have Facebook pages and you may notice that despite your audience of, say, 1000 people (or ‘fans’), your posts may only receive a small number of ‘likes’ – ie, your posts are not being seen by your entire fan-base.

This is because Facebook manages who they want to see your post – and if you want everyone on your page to see it, YOU HAVE TO PAY FACEBOOK FOR THE PRIVILEGE!

First, you need a Facebook Business Manager Account on Facebook. This is not just a standard Facebook page – it’s specifically designed for businesses and allows ‘calls to action’ that link your potential customers to your website or wherever else you want them to go.

Business pages allow you to see where new potential customers are looking on your Business page and where they are going to your website when they use the ‘calls to action’ button. You’ll also see when new potentials are looking at your page, and how they found it. This information is critical for you (and us!) to be able to create more posts that will bring bigger and better responses – and NEW  IDEAL CUSTOMERS.

facebook advertising marketing

Using your own business customer list, and your own Facebook fan-base, Facebook allows us to create ‘Look-alike’ campaigns targeting a similar audience as your existing one. This, in turn, means we can target people in your location, that have similar traits as your existing fans, in specific age-groups, industries and more.

Ensuring creative and interesting Facebook ads with an offer for new ideal customers is key and our creative team knows what works and what doesn’t!

We are masters at custom-building targeted Facebook Business ad campaigns and have seen incredible company growth with our clients that have allowed us to create, manage, schedule and report on advertising campaigns for them.

If you’re not confident about creating Facebook ads in-house, then your ad’s probably won’t capture the audience you want and need.

Speak to us about how we can increase your turnover by creating custom Facebook advertising campaigns for you that will absolutely bring you results!