Email Marketing

Create new business and increased sales with quality Email Marketing!

Email Marketing is an extremely effective sales-growth tool if it’s used correctly and consistently, with interesting and relevant content.

Using our Ontraport software and your own existing database/s (or a new custom-built customer list) we can markedly increase your potential sales audience by targeting your audience with relevant, interesting material that doesn’t feel like spam.

We don’t send emails out to recipients just because we can: we do it because it’s so effective in helping your audience keep your brand or products in mind. It’s like a little ‘nudge’ on a frequent basis – or a ‘subliminal mini billboard’ so potential and existing customers are kept up to date with your latest offerings and think of your brand first and foremost when they’re looking for something your business offers.

Retail and Product Marketing

Email marketing is super-effective if you have regular ‘specials’ on sale, or special deals coming up – this is where we ‘make hay’ for you, as often readers will forward your message onto other people which allows more customer list growth for you.

Allowing customers to sign on to a ‘weekly specials’ page generates activity that Google loves, so your SEO will increase – increasing your organic ranking.
Products are easy to market – you just need enticing wording, a call to action, and extra staff on your Sale Day!

Service Marketing

Emailing your prospect customer list promoting your service is all about identifying what problem your prospect customer has, and how and why you are the solution to their problem. The way your service is delivered and followed through soundly is the message you need to get across. What makes you stand out amongst your competition? We write your custom-emails to make you STAND OUT AS THE EXPERTS. And with consistent and persuasive material, your customers will convert to leads, and your leads to sales!

Top 5 NZ Email Marketing agencies 2020-2021

We have back-end insight into the best possible times and days to send emails out to any given audience based on their industry, area and more – and we can segment your customer list so that if something we create for you is only relevant to a partial section of your list, they’re they only recipients that’ll receive it. We will sit with you and discuss in length what you think brings your customers to your business. From there we’ll write a series of custom-written emails pushing your brand, product or service in an interesting and readable way with eye-catching visuals.

We’re not about inundating potential new clients with boring impersonal advertising material – we’re about giving your brand new life, and telling your story – to increase your turnover.

We pride ourselves on our creative copy ability, and we have a great list of very happy customers that have sat back and watched their turnovers increase markedly purely off the back of a consistent, well-written series of mail-outs written to specifically target their ideal customers.

We’re really all about promoting your brand or product in a light, interesting and relevant manner to an audience that we want you to establish a relationship with.

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Ontraport is a marketing tool that offers a one-stop-shop solution to organise your business. Ontraport is perfectly designed for businesses who need both consistent marketing and automation of internal and external communications while keeping all you vital data in one place.

Using Ontraport’s software, many business owners and entrepreneurs have been able to;

  • generate and convert new leads
  • lighten their workload
  • increase their output,
  • and increase income – always good for business.

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