Automated email and Autoresponders

Email autoresponders are the latest, greatest way to increase your turnover without your having to be at your desk.

Save yourself time and money with a fully automated autoresponder Email system that can pull back past potential customers that didn’t purchase your product or service, converting them to new sales.

Here is an example of how Automated email can work for you, regardless of what industry you are in.

In retail, one of the most successful ways to pull a sale is to have an online store. When Sarah views your website, in order for her to purchase something online, she needs to ‘register’ and add her personal details including her email address.

Once she's registered and perused your site, she might pick a couple of items and add them to her ‘cart’. She then decides she doesn't want to purchase anything and she logs out or ‘abandons cart’.

We are able to see what Sarah has initially put into her cart, and can then fully automate an email system that comes back to her to maintain communication with a view to a sale.

We have one client that has a whopping  26% sale-rate from her ‘abandoned cart’ autoresponders emailing her customers.

This is just one example of the extraordinary powers of autoresponders and automating your email marketing. An impressive figure and she didn’t have to do a thing because all communications are fully automated!

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Automated email can be used for any or every type of business from consulting businesses to trades and services, professionals, manufacturing and more.

All businesses can harness the power of automated email marketing and communicate with their existing customers while converting new customers.

The key to quality automated emails is, of course, quality information, personalisation and staying on topic – and we do this well.

Forge ongoing communication with potential clients by fully automated email and autoresponders!