Custom Audiences & Look-Alike Audiences

Let us help you widen your customer audience with the help of Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences!

A Custom Audience is created by using your existing business data-base/s and uploading your database client details to your Facebook Business Account.

For those on your database that have a Facebook page, Facebook recognises their names or email addresses and ads their profiles to your new Custom Audience list.

 Although you may have only one main database, and depending on what details you have of each person on there, we are able to split your databases into a number of lists such as ‘Female professional’, ‘Doctor’, ‘Director of company’ ‘Bartender’ and the likes – what ever’s relevant to your business – and  these separate lists allows us to target-market each audience with different ads that are more relevant to their list than the others rather than one general add across the board that could cause you to lose potential customers.

We will then create for you a relevant ad campaign to send out to each list, which will allow us to see more clearly who is actually interested in your brand or product, and who isn’t.

It’s a great way to ‘clean’ your database and ditch those disinterested parties, leaving far more likely prospects on your lists to target further.

From here, we are able to create ‘Look alikeaudiences to increase your database numbers.

FB Lookalike

In a nutshell, Facebook will use the data from your specified audience, for example, your Facebook fans or email subscribers, to find people with statistically similar profiles. The benefits of this kind of ad targeting are numerous.

We are able to create Lookalike audiences by using Facebooks’ back-end tools to find people in your location that fit the same kinds of ‘profiles’ that your existing new lists have on their Facebook pages. Here we can target your audience more precisely by selecting parameters such as age and location, industry, marital status and more.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to implement a fantastic, consistent and relevant series of Facebook campaigns that will absolutely widen your audiences and increase your sales!