Blogging To Increase Your Turnover

Increase brand awareness and turnover by keeping your potential clients updated and interested in your business via your blogs!

Blogging is a fantastic way for prospective clients to ‘feel’ your brand without having to contact you directly. They should be an informal window into your company culture and a fresh and current way to connect with your potential sales audience on your website without even having to pick up the phone.

At Automation Central we are masters at creating and writing blogs. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we have a great successful proven track record with our clients.

People go online for information.

The more information you give them and the more interesting or useful it is, the better.

While some websites can feel relatively ‘static’, blogs on your website allow it to feel 'alive' or 'active' with its constantly updated new and interesting information and assistance. Merely knowing that a website has constant updates means your potential clients will be more inclined to repeatedly visit your site – and remember your brand.

Quality blog copy is the difference between a sales-person on the phone that’s very formal and scripted, versus a sales-person that actually asks how you are today,  and engages you.

Successful blogs make you STAND OUT AS THE EXPERTS.

Experts say that if you blog regularly, your brand or business will be higher in the Google search engine (SEO) than if you don’t – and stats suggest that 60% of businesses that regularly blog acquire more customers – why wouldn’t you blog!?


Blogging allows you to become a reliable source of information in your industry and to the public. And with regular updates and interesting information that clients need and want, you’re definitely on the right track to increased Google visibility and therefore increase potential sales.

A good blog is one that’s not too long, and not too short – around the same amount of words here on this page. It would have an inviting title that’s informative, and content to match so the reader will learn from it. Current information and goods/products can be added to your blogs with details about how your brand can help the reader. You want helpful tips and tools, advice, all written in a friendly, honest language.

We recommend fortnightly blogs with a consistent message and tone.

Some businesses are wary of blogs and are unsure how, when and where to start them, let alone what sort of material you want to blog to your online audience.

Let us help you! Trust us. We're the experts!

Enquire about how we can assist with writing and automating your regular blogs to your audience to increase your turnover.