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Get Higher Google Ranking PART TWO

By mattjull | 1:38 pm

Images on your website Google Ranking doesn’t end once you’ve built a website – in fact this is where it starts. There are many factors contributing to where your brand sits in organic searches as far as Google Ranking goes. . Google LOVES fast-loading websites but many web designers overlook…

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Get Higher Google Ranking PART ONE

By mattjull | 12:40 pm

What is Google Ranking? Google website evaluators are teams of real people, not faceless bots! These evaluators work with a sliding scale that allows them to rank your website. How they rank your website affects where your website shows up on Google organic searches. Evaluators measure your content and pages …

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What Is SEO Doing For Your Website And Business?

By mattjull | 9:42 am

Many business owners are baffled by SEO and what it is… In confusion they throw up their arms and abdicate that side of their business, paying whopping monthly fee’s and having no idea what they’re getting in return. This may even be you… You’re NOT ALONE! Unfortunately we meet tonnes…

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What’s Hot In 2018 With SEO

By mattjull | 11:45 am

CAVEAT: The following still applies in 2019! What’s Hot In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation or “Optimization” For Our US Cousins) For Your Website In 2018 It’s well known that Google loves to keep us business owners on our toes, constantly shifting the goalposts and running the game to their own…

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Blog Ideas To Grow Your Website Content

By mattjull | 2:49 am

Increase your turnover and get some Google Love from these blog ideas! Depending on what your blog content is, it needs to be relatable and interesting. Blogs don’t actually have to be about your business or product – they just need to be pleasantly readable, informative and interesting. This may…

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Blog Content

Bacon! Even Off Topic-Topics Can Create Interest

By mattjull | 2:31 am

Bacon ….so we had to write about Bacon to test the theory that it’s a totally valid blog-topic across all industries and will pull the readers in, because so many people simply love  bacon! Why would we ever write a blog about bacon when the topic has absolutely nothing to…

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How Online Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

By mattjull | 12:36 am

Will marketing online increase my sales turnover? The short answer here is… absolutely! Check out these statastics: When you consider 3.4-million New Zealanders use the internet across a week, that’s an enormous number of Kiwis that are looking for something online. They may not be looking for your product or service,…

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