Bacon ….so we had to write about Bacon to test the theory that it’s a totally valid blog-topic across all industries and will pull the readers in, because so many people simply love  bacon!

Why would we ever write a blog about bacon when the topic has absolutely nothing to do with our brand? Well, you’re here so you’ve proved our point! Pretty much everyone loves bacon – to the point where the Huffington Post has an entire website dedicated to it and a Facebook page of almost 9-million fans.

In writing about Bacon we’re simply taking advantage of an online public mutual commonality to allow a broad audience of readers…this is key in gaining more readers or potential customers via online marketing - and getting your brand out to a wider audience.

In New Zealand Freedom Farms came about after directors Gregor and Cameron decided they wanted the freedom to buy bacon that was from free-range farms, that could prove traceability of their meat, their animal welfare and their life history.

From a small start-up company of 2, to become the most successful and recognised organic/free-range pork brand in NZ in a very short amount of time, Freedom Farms have clearly worked tirelessly to get their brand and product considered ‘mainstream’ and stocked in all major supermarkets.

With a dedicated focus on their marketing,  they have an active and regularly updated website, a current Facebook page with almost 5000 fans, Twitter and Instagram. Their website spouts informative articles about animal welfare and educational pieces on the five freedoms that constitute true freedom-farming that is sustainable and ethical.

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Who would have thought a bacon company could generate so much interest?

“Before we started Freedom Farms we knew that every time we went to the supermarket we simply had no choice… buy bacon from animals raised in cages and pens and usually imported from an unknown country… or go without. In our homes we sit around the kitchen table and talk about the way we farm animals for food these days… we worry about the lack of traceability and what we aren’t being told. We figure if people are given the choice they will vote with their wallets. Look what’s already happened with free range eggs.”

Freedom Farms smart, interesting online content across all of their media platforms are clearly one of the main reasons their brand is now so popular and deservedly so – their ethos is enormously respected and thoroughly appreciated. We love New Zealand’s Freedom Farms bacon (their streaky bacon is divine) - and we can devour it with a clear conscience!

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