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"There's Absolutely No Way You Can Sell Septic Tanks Online!"

There's always the glass half empty types out there, in the case of Biolytix they were very nearly right... Our mission... To prove them wrong.

When we were first engaged in this project, it was, to be fair, a bit of a sick puppy

Some other marketing crowd had attempted to set up a leads funnel strategy for Biolytix but had in fact just created a very expensive "sieve" that was leaking all over the place

The brief was simple.

  1. Fix the leads funnel's and;
  2. Get things back on track

Behind the scenes

Before getting too far into details, let's start with Who Biolytix are and What Biolytix do.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, this award-winning manufacturer of eco-friendly septic tanks has agents throughout Australasia and the South Pacific and they wanted a leads funnel strategy generating leads that they could pass onto their agents.

The concept was, to offer a lead magnet, then drip feed more information by email and downloadable content, ultimately leading to a downloadable discount voucher.

With campaigns taking as many as 69 days to cycle through, the leads funnel was full of holes and in dire need of fixing.

Then we stepped in.

Drawing on our experience

If there's one thing we've learnt after many years of building our own leads funnel's its that people won't keep downloading content just because you keep sending it to them.

They will, however, read articles and blogs and other tidbits of information that's relevant to their needs and interests, the fact is, they'll read heaps more than you'd expect if you'd just send them what they want.

This is not a new concept, publishers have been using this same strategy for years to sell daily newspapers and magazines, so why reinvent the wheel?

Another thing we've learnt is people won't buy big ticket items just because you gave them a discount voucher. They need more than "just a discount".

We're big believers in the mantra "People buy from people they like and trust"

To build that trust, you have to give them what they want - SIMPLE

Making the strategy work

Starting over with a fresh leads funnel page, we removed all the stuff that was working against the strategy

Links to other pages (which are like holes in a funnel) were the first to go same with all the extra content that did nothing to convert the prospect into a lead. This gave Biolytix a clean looking, mobile responsive landing page.

We then we set about refining the email messages, removing big words and simplifying complicated ideas resulting in a smooth flowing campaign that cycles people through the funnel in less than two weeks.

Automation Central Leads Funnel

Making the phone ring

This is where it gets exciting, the goal is to grow Biolytix relationship with their new leads and take that relationship offline into a face to face relationship

We're doing this through;

  • Custom Facebook Audiences
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Tracking and remarketing to website visitors and unsubscribes
  • Remarketing blogs and articles

Driving all this traffic to a fully automated appointment booking system so customers (notice they're not leads anymore) can schedule a call with an expert engineer and have all their questions answered.

Goal Achieved! Biolytix has taken the relationship offline and the customer is now talking with real a person.

We'll add one more thing

A sideline to all this marketing - people are by-passing the leads funnel and calling Biolytix direct - BONUS

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