RedLBP - Appointment Booking Website

"My websites not converting any appointments!"

"Matt can you fix this?"

Vic Harrison was exasperated, she'd had this website for almost a year and no more than five customers had booked a pre-purchase house inspection via the booking system.

RedLBP is a property inspection business headquartered in Christchrist, New Zealand and a major part of their offering is the ability to book and pay for a property inspection online. In fact, none of their competitors offer online bookings so its a pretty major competitive advantage.

Adding to the frustration Vic was experiencing, her and Franchise Director Dan Paltridge were negotiating the sale of their first three franchise territories and this potential competitive advantage is a major selling point for any prospective franchisee. Having just one franchisee pull out of negotiations would cost them tens of thousands.

Old website


The diagnosis

Scrap everything and start again (well almost)...

The first thing we did was take stock of all the current assets in the existing website, look at what could be repurposed and then we pretty much through it all out.

The problem was the site wasn't clear in its intention, the target customer needs a pre-purchase report for their property and they needed to know they'd come to the right website - straight away.

The other big issue was there was to many decisions for the customer to make prior to booking...

  • Click here for this location...
  • How big is your house?
  • Do you want a triage report, a cosmetic report, or a written report etc...
  • All of this before finding out if an inspector was available at the time they needed them.

We needed to eliminate as many steps as possible and make it easy for the customer to buy.

The solution

Keep it bloody simple!

  1. Tell the customer they've come to the right website.
  2. Show them the booking form - immediately.

They'll figure out the rest.

Making a website simple to use is one thing, making it function is quite another, there were many components we needed to consider and string together.

From the customer's point of view, it needed to be simple and easy to navigate.

From the clients perspective, it needed to be a robust system that would convert prospects into paying customers with a host of features;

  • Integration with Google calendars and maps
  • Local location functions for New Zealand's suburbs, towns, and cities
  • Multiple services and add-ons
  • Multiple users being staff and franchisees with different access levels
  • Upsell functions
  • Multiple payment options including account invoicing, credit facilities and payment gateways as well as payment plans with a check-out cart

With plenty to work through, thought also had to given to making sure conversion would be high, on page SEO so it could be found organically and mobile responsiveness as well as user experience and interaction.

A fun little project.

The final product

Split test A


Split test B


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